Welcome to the Fight!

This site is just a general place to collect grievances, suggestions, issues, ideas, etc that are plaguing SL merchants.  Specifically (but not exclusively) related to the new MarketPlace. Hopefully it’ll become a library of grievances and issues consolidating the scattered mess of the forums and JIRAs into a more streamlined location.  Where those interested can see all the posts, bugs, JIRAs on a particular issue at a glance.  Our goal is simple… hurt LL’s bottom line enough that they stop giving us the run around and start paying attention to the glaring issues affecting Merchants and the SL economy.

How do we intend to do that?  By doing our best to reduce the number of MarketPlace sales enough to hurt their bottom line.  LL is notorious for ignoring issues until they feel a financial impact from it.  So let’s create a financial impact!

If you wish to support this cause, we ask one simple thing…Don’t buy on MarketPlace.  If you like to use it as a search engine so you can see a variety of items and merchants at a glance, then please continue to do so!  But if at all possible, try to TP to the inworld location and purchase inworld.

How will this help?  LL makes 5% commission on all MarketPlace sales.  So if those sales drop significantly enough, maybe LL will accept that the MarketPlace is in need of work, in need of attention, and that it is far from finished.  And perhaps they will finally listen to the plethora of complaints, bugs, and issues reported since the change.

Feel free to link to this site or any pages/posts contained within.  Post the image below at your store if you wish to show your support for our efforts.  Every little bit helps!


Under Construction

Please be patient as this site is brought to life.  We hope to house discussions, comments, updates, etc. on the issues currently plaguing the Merchants of SL.

Comments and feedback will always be welcome but PLEASE be courteous, civil, and respectful.  We understand many issues are upsetting and emotional but any comment deemed to be abusive, threatening, or overly disrespectful will be removed by a site administrator if necessary.